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Beauty Shop Website Design

The Beauty Shop website design contains unique layouts that will help you build an online store for your beauty shop in no time. There’s a dedicated shop layout available, and to help put your special deals in the spotlight, there’s also a sale layout available that’ll undeniably draw your visitors’ attention. With its stunning color palette, high-quality imagery and exquisite design combinations, this layout will help you set up a beauty store that is results-oriented and stunning at the same time.

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Law Firm Website Design

This Law Firm website design is a smart solution for promoting your law firm online. The organisation of pertinent content makes it easily adaptable. The layout sections are shifted throughout to expose additional colour blocks, which is a unique and subtle design touch. The photos used throughout are beautiful and work well with any gradient overlay needed to match a particular brand.

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Architects Website Design

The Architects website design represents this line of business perfectly. There’s a seamless style combination of sobriety, mysteriousness and elegance. And with high-quality images within reach, your highly-professional and visually-appealing architecture firm website will be up and running in no time.

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Food Recipes Website Design

This Food Recipes website design allows you to focus on what’s really important, which is the tasty recipes you’ve worked on so passionately. The layout fulfills every communication need you have. The recipe page sets your creativity free by providing you with all the elements you need to present your recipes elegantly and effectively. You can reuse the recipe layout for every new recipe that comes out. The only thing you’ll need to do is change the steps, media and copy according to your new recipe.

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Consulting Website Design

This Business Consulting website design is just what a company needs to market their consulting services online. The landing page is professional and the services page has unique design features that make your services stand out. The case study page layout has been thoughtfully designed to give the user just what they need. The overlapping technique used throughout makes those CTA’s really pop. Enjoy.

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Interior Design Website Design

This Interior Design website design represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level. The layouts look great on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.

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Flower Shop Website Design

The Flower Shop website design is definitely designed with florists in mind. The floral images used throughout (especially for header backgrounds) are purposeful and beautiful. The landing page in particular is extremely useful to any florist out of the box by including sections for seasonal items, discounts and even a contact form for special bouquets!

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Coffee Shop Website Design

The Coffee Shop website design has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily, all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website.

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Restaurant Website Design

The Restaurant website design is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need out of the box. Particularly the all important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page. There is also a button in the hero section of the home page and the landing page for making a reservation, though you’ll need a booking plugin to make it work.

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